He was; She arrived!

Delight, delight, and delight to be back. But first I apologize to the friends on duty, because I warned you that the post would go up on Sunday or Monday, and today is Tuesday, right guys. But it’s ok, “I’m here”.

This Sunday after “several affairs”, I went back to running in a race, and as there are 6/7 years running, I learned enough that if you stay still for 15 days, you lose all your progress, let alone stop for long and took 4 months?

So let’s start over, and always with 5km, and it was a delicious 5km, the wind on my face when running, and the tears when crossing the finish line, made me understand that the restart is as or more exciting than the beginning. The race chosen to start over was the 5km Mcdonald’s.

Even more so when you have a beautiful, wonderful, dazzling companion and: it’s not that FDP runs more than I do, ok you’ll say, anyone, runs right. But before introducing her, let’s remember the one who accompanied us on many races, and was the same success as this friend of mine. By the way, I never forget my “Dear Blonde KOLÔ”. Remember him? He was present at all the races, when he didn’t appear, he was a reason for the fans to complain. He was a four-legged son, who gave us many joys. But, as everything has an end, Kolô became a “star”, and will never be forgotten.

And then, as every cycle is renewed, our “dog cycle” was also renewed. And enough: she, the hot, the beautiful (sometimes I call it the blonde devil): M E G H A N!

And she was a huge success, the same as her brother had done, look how many friends she made.

Okay, our princess is properly presented, I’ll continue with my training, and the next one is in November, I’ll let you know here and on Facebook, which race we’re going to go to, go also to run, and accompany someone or even go meet Meghan!

Happy training to all!

Difficult? No… HARD!!!!

2018 – Are you ok? Is it favorable? Nooo!

It started well, walking 250km in 10 days in Europe, all good, right? Just not…

I turned my foot, I had tendinitis in the ankle, I had dental surgery, then I have to soak…

Hey! Let’s restart! Greater animation, hire staff, do Zumba, start running training, do belly dance, do gypsy dance, the person here doesn’t stop!

But… there’s always a BUT, in a functional exercise, in which I did it wrong, guess what I got? Tendinitis in the arm muscle, don’t even ask me which muscle, I’ll answer you: ALL because the whole arm hurts.

Then I found out that I’m not there.

Alright, let’s go take care and take care. But I’m warning you, I’m going YES, on the M5K, I’m going there, I’m going to run my best 5km of my life, and from there the training begins for the

San Silvestre 2018! , by the way, sucks that the registration fee is R$ 185.00, but it’s worth the New Year’s Eve party for all runners!

Let’s go my loves because the important is to live: happy running.

Discounted Races? A possible dream!

Let’s talk about what we love the most: RUNNING!

Currently, that’s all we can say because running is difficult. In fact, difficult and expensive.

Companies that organize street races have grown, today there are several, and not even the growth in this segment was enough to organize accessible events.

A request from at least 90% of the runners is to have entries with various values, where the runner can choose kits with the race shirt or not, for example. And some companies, like Iguana, are already doing it this way. However, a price that we could call fair has not yet been reached.

But do you think the number of runners has decreased? No no no no…

Raised dear!

But those of us who are runners, professionals, or amateurs (like me), is not limited to the cost of registration. There are always new sneakers, GPS watches, and so on.

Therefore, I want to say that I am not the Tabajaras Organization, but “your problems are over”. As?

Discount coupons! Coupon Valid, in partnership with several companies, gives you discounts on your purchases.

Example: Want to buy a new sneaker? Coupon Valid has a partnership with Netshoes and Centauro. Are you going to race out of your state? Coupon Válido has a partnership with Avianca and Azul. Look how cool: discount on airfare to participate in the Rio Half Marathon/2019. But what about accommodation in Rio de Janeiro? Leave it with the Valid Coupon, which has a discount on Airbnb and Booking.

And so on, enter the website of Coupon Valido, and see all the companies, suddenly you may have a discount for some race.

Let’s restart!

3 long months have separated me from one of my favorite things: RUNNING!

April 15th, my birthday, was my last race. On account of tendinitis, we have already solved it.

But the SP City Marathon 2018, I couldn’t run, after long 3 months, without any possibility to run, a half marathon, I couldn’t leave the kit, simply at home. So let’s give it to someone. But the one who won the gift was “Feliz Correndo”, because now my friend: Bruno, who in his 2nd half marathon, but the number on his chest and with great honor, and speed, represented us. Here’s a short summary of the entire run:

To the next!

Great week, great training and tests to all my friends!

The start has been given!

Hello my people

The start was given to:

– Several races in Brazil;

– In particular the one we are in, “Half Marathon of Porto Seguro”.

I’m going to share this joy with you, I chose this race to be special, because exactly today: April 15th, I’m turning 59, and starting Project 60.

Yes, the beginning of the 60th-anniversary celebrations, which will last until December 2019.

I’ll tell you the adventures here.

But today I want you to send your comments about: today’s race, what motivates you to run, your projects, and photos. Send photos, lots of photos to put here on the blog.

Great run everyone!

Street Runner Day

How about on this day, oh what day is it? Today is Street Runner Day. So, now that you know, how about becoming one of us? Let’s run!

The street race has been gaining more fans and is an excellent practice of physical activity that has numerous benefits for health and well-being, such as:

  • Reduce body weight
  • Improves cholesterol level
  • Increases cardiorespiratory capacity
  • Reduces the risk of heart attack
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Reduces the variation in resting blood pressure
  • Activates blood circulation, decreasing heart problems
  • Improves the function of the kidney, which filters the blood and reduces the number of toxic substances circulating through the body.
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Stimulates the formation of bone mass helping to prevent injuries such as osteoporosis
  • Increases physical conditioning

SS 2017

There goes another year, and here comes another year: Thanks to the creator, a sign that we are alive.

But let’s start 2018, talking a little bit about 2017, but precisely about the 93rd São Silvestre.

Anyone who knows me knows that I talk and complain when things don’t go well and that I also recognize when things are done well.

The “thing” here in this case is São Silvestre. The most popular and wonderful race on the planet in 2016 was a pity, the organization did not put enough water for the runners, and blamed the popcorn.

And 2017? How it was?

In my opinion, it was perfect. Congratulations to the organization! were there problems? Yes, of course, like an event on the last day of the year, in the largest Brazilian capital, an event with 30,000 runners, there would be no problems.

The problem in the case this year was due to a bunch of “idiots” who cloned the registration number and threw themselves into the midst of those who, with great difficulty, paid the registration fee of R$ 170.00.

Idiots, because in addition to thinking they were smart to clone the inscriptions, they were very stupid, you know why?

  1. All (an average of 30 runners, or rather 30 idiots) were wearing the same shirt, smearing the Advisory’s name;
  2. They insisted on taking pictures together;
  3. All with the name of Walter.

But the media has already been in charge of talking a lot about this subject, so we won’t give more points.

For me it was a wonderful and enjoyable race, well organized as I mentioned, and a party, as usual, ending our year.

That’s it! Now let’s talk about 2018!

Feliz Correndo already has on its calendar, for the first time, the “Half Marathon of the Discovery of Porto Seguro” in April/2018. But before in March we will report, and I know you love it, 10 days on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, this time the Portuguese way.

My friends, Happy running, wishes you all an excellent 2018, full of energy, health, peace, love, and happiness, and many races of course!